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About Us

About Our Work and Team


We Have 15+ Years of Experience in UNANI

Hindustan Healing Herbs is a working community of versatile professionals comprising of renowned doctors, well-trained laboratory technicians and dedicated workers.

The proprietor of the company, Dr. YASIR ARAFATH , is an internationally acclaimed medical practioner in India who specializes in Unani Medicine and Tibb-e-Nabawi. Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and incredible desire to help those in need, Dr. Yasir was all set to pursue a career in one of the most prestigious and highly regarded profession. Acquiring his bachelors and masters in Unani System of Medicine and Surgery from renowned institutions, Dr. Yasir went on to earn several degrees in Eastern Medicine Techniques and Theories, Ethnobotany, and Herbal Drug Technology from acclaimed universities. Besides being one of the most prominent doctors, Dr. Yasir Arafath is a role model for each of us. His remarkable knowledge and outstanding contribution in Unani Medicine has earned him several National and International awards and distinctions including Individual Unani Scientist award. As a doctor, researcher and scientist, Dr. Yasir dedicates a majority of his time researching and writing regarding the wonderful and powerful advancements and advantages of complementary medicines. He has also authored several medical journals relating to the health care.

Dr. Safina, a backbone of Hindustan Healing Herbs, is one of the proprietress of the company. A renowned physician has been awarded many a times by distinguished personalities for her achievements and commendable contribution to the field of Unani medicine. Trained in multiple fields, Dr. Safina expertly handles severe medical conditions related to women and children. Updated with all the new advancements in integrative system, she often shares her knowledge through articles in reputed medical journals.

The company headed by these experts is imbued with the teachings of great scholars who believed in serving the community with their knowledge and ethical practice.

Unani Medicine, a form of conventional system of healing and health maintenance forms an integral part of the national health care delivery system. The origin of Unani system is traced back to Greek literature, which has been a source of quite a lot of scientific contributions. Later, this art of medicine was developed and refined by numerous Arab and Greek philosophers and physicians and was given the status of Science. Unani being a comprehensive medical system offers treatment based on deep philosophical insights, scientific principles and holistic concepts and employs a system of prophylactics, remedies, regimes, and rehabilitative healthcare to meticulously deal with various health conditions. In Unani discipline, medical conditions are treated with herbal formulas containing a variety of natural herbs. From the earliest times, herbs have been prized for their healing abilities, and today we still rely on the curative properties of plants. We as a human have evolved side-by-side with plants over hundreds of thousands of years and our bodies are much better suited to treatment with herbal remedies than with isolated chemical medicines. Our digestive system and physiology are geared to digesting and utilizing naturally occurring food, which often have a great medicinal and nutritional value. And by appreciating the immense richness of the natural world, we can greatly benefit from the curative properties of medicinal herbs.

To incorporate and harmonize the goodness of traditional herbal benefits into the modern contemporary world.

Our vision is to reach far and wide in the country spreading the benefits of herbal medicines at affordable prices.


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